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Reported by Financial Times UK

"Diamonds may take over from precious metals"
"As currencies fluctuate and the global economic crisis rumbles on, wealthy investors have increasingly focused on commodities for protecting their assets.
Until recently – in precious metals terms – this centred on gold and silver, but a new clutch of proposed diamond hedge funds is aiming to overtake precious metals as the new hot investment."

Investment Grade Diamond Buying
The most desired, moveable and condensed investment in the world, providing you the best return in the market since the stock market crash in 2008.
Our specialist consultants have been in the diamond industry for over quarter of a century. At DBC, we have access to world most prestigious diamond exchanges and specialist dealers to provide you the best value for your money and a healthy return on your investment.
DBC will source diamonds for you directly from diamond exchange so you get them at 20% to 30% below the retail market price.

Coloured Diamond

Diamonds are most liquid possession, you can travel with a million $ ring on your figure without any tax implication anywhere in the world.
If you would like to buy investment grade diamonds, we will help you buy at below the international market price and we also help you to sell these diamond at best price to provide you healthy return.

Now is the time to consider alternative investments for assets like, diamonds and art. Europe has sovereign debt problems, and several countries are on the verge of financial collapse and currency devaluation.

In the current market other investments have suffered losses and uncertainties are in every stock market, but diamonds have steadily appreciated in value. Since 2008 crash of stock market in US and Europe, unique diamonds have consistently broken records on the global auction market, demonstrating the robust nature of the diamond market and the unceasing international demand.


Diamond Value appreciation for 1.00 carat and above:


Facts about diamond rarity:
The world production of premium cut diamonds in D Colour: Exceptional White + (D) Clarity: Loupe Clean (IF)

Weight: from 1 Carat to 1.39 Carat is less than 900 Carats per year.
That means that, all together, there are only 750 stones between 1.00 Carat to 1.39 Carat D
Loupe Clean available per year for the whole world-production!

To produce these 750 diamonds, the mining companies have to dig more than 800,000,000 Tons of Kimberlite (Eight Hundered Million tons of Kimberlite)
(Kimberlite is the rock in which rough diamonds are found)

Garet Penny of De Beers states in November 2008 that, if we continue diamond mine at this rate,
we are within 20 years without!
The Advantages of Investing in Rare Diamonds
As the financial markets become increasing unstable, investors are looking to diversify their portfolios and turning to hard assets such as natural coloured diamonds.
Dynamic Business Consulting has the expertise and access to the world’s top diamond exchanges and dealers, to add long-term value to your portfolio and help guide your investmentinto rare diamonds.

Sergey VYBORNOV,  President  of the giant Russian company ALROSA (25% of the world supply), estimates that  the world demand for rough diamond will reach 20 billion US dollars in 2020, while the offer will not exceed 9 billion US dollars by today’s rate.
Growth statistics for coloured diamonds:



Fancy Intense Yellow

Fancy Vivid Yellow

Fancy light Pink


Fancy Vivid Pink

Fancy Intense Blue


Fancy Vivid Blue

One of the most prestigious auctions for coloured diamond have surpassed records the last few years for both the most expensive investment grade diamonds and the highest price per carat. In April 2010, Christies auctioned top quality, fancy vivid blue, pink, and yellow diamonds with prices of $1 to $2 million per carat, leading Christies to declare 2010 they year of the coloured diamond.
Head of Christies New York, states, "A colourless D-grade diamond at auction will make about $150,000 a carat, while a vivid pink fancy-coloured diamond will make $1.5 million a carat, 10 times the price." He also stated, "This is where the market is. It keeps progressing as people realize how rare these stones are, in special colours and important sizes."